After Hours Emergency Dental Services – Sunshine Coast


After Hours Emergency Dental Services – Sunshine Coast

Oris Dental is proud to be the only dental practice on the Sunshine Coast that provides after hours emergency dentist helpline.

At Oris Dental, we realize that an emergency can happen any time and generally at the worst time possible and there are not many after hours dentist or dental offices that have 24 hour emergency dentist in Sunshine Coast. As such, we offer you after hours dental care services, wherein we provide the required assistance via emergency 24 hour dentist who can help alleviate dental pain and ensure that the damage doesn’t become worse.

While we are not a 24-hour dental practice, we do offer after hour emergency services helpline, wherein, we transfer the distress calls that we receive to qualified after hours dentists who provide timely advice that could get you out of spot, until you can make an appointment with your dentist. Through our after hours emergency services, we were able to provide valuable aid to many Sunshine Coast residents when no other assistance was in sight.

While the Oris Dental after hours emergency service helpline is a free service, it is important to note that you need to pay the after hours dentist who visits your home to relieve the problem. Most dental practices have an answering machine which is answered the next business day, however, our after hour dental care helpline, ensures that you are connected with the after hours emergency dentist post-haste.

However, please keep in mind that emergency treatment may not always be possible, but, the 24 hour emergency dentist will offer you valuable advice to curb the problem from aggravating. The advice given will be based on the assessment of the condition based on the phone call and does not constitute treatment. Please call the local hospital if the emergency needs immediate attention.

Oris Dental after hours emergency service helpline has proven to be a helpful resource for many patients dealing with dental emergencies in Sunshine Coast. Also, thanks to the team of experienced after hours dentists, all dental emergencies are addressed in an efficient manner and the best solutions are offered as per individual needs and requirements.

To give you an overview of what the after hours dental care services comprise, here is a list of common dental emergencies for which after hours emergency dental services are available. Please note that these emergencies may include treatment or just advice.

List of Common Dental Emergencies

  1. Toothache
  2. Dental Abscess
  3. Broken Filling
  4. Chipped Tooth
  5. Broken Denture
  6. Painful Ulcers
  7. Accidental Trauma to Teeth including
  8. Broken Tooth/Teeth
  9. Broken Jaw
  10. Tooth/Teeth moved out of position
  11. Tooth/Teeth Luxation (dislocate)
  12. Bleeding

So if you need a Dentist in Sunshine Coast for after hours emergency dental services then please feel free to call on (07) 54444308 A/H service number and for any further assistance, you can contact Oris Dental. We are always available at your convenience!

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Adarsh (Principal Dentist)


Adarsh (A-Dash) is the principal dentist at Oris Dental. Adarsh graduated as a dentist in 1996 from the University of Mumbai (Bombay, India). He entered private practice as an assistant dentist in one of the leading practices in Mumbai from 1996-2002. The practice offered all aspects of dentistry with the exception of Orthodontics. This prompted Adarsh to pursue a post graduate degree in Orthodontics and successfully completed the 3 year Full time the master’s program from University of Mumbai (Bombay, India) in 2005. Since then, Adarsh has been in private practice both as a general dentist and an orthodontist. He also served as teaching faculty at University in Mumbai for 3 yrs and when in India, he has been ‘the dentist’ to many dentists!! In 2008, Adarsh took the Australian Dental Council exam for direct recognition of his skill in Australia. He successfully completed the exams in the first attempt and moved to Australia early 2009. He has been in private practice in Australia since Jan 2009. Oris Dental was set up in Minyama in 2011. Oris Dental is now over 8 years old and is growing to be a well-respected practice in the area. He is particularly interested in Cosmetic dentistry Dental implants and Orthodontics. Adarsh hopes to use all the experience he has gained in the past 22 years, to offer the best in dentistry to all his patients in this practice. Adarsh believes in spreading smiles and has successfully designed smiles and in doing so improved the lives and self-confidence of many Sunshine Coast locals (Take a look at our Smile gallery!). Adarsh is an active member of the Australian Dental Association since 2009 He held the post of Senior Lecturer in Orthodontics in Mumbai University before moving to Australia. He is a Life member of the Indian Dental Association, serving as the General Secretary of the Association (Mumbai City Chapter) 2007-2009 He is Life member of the Indian Orthodontic Society. He is Candidate for Membership Examination MRACDS (Ortho) and plans to complete his membership exams soon. Adarsh is also currently pursuing his Diploma in Implant dentistry at the Royal College of Surgeons(Edinburgh). Adarsh has recently complete intensive training in implant placement and restoration in Neoss and TRI (Swiss) Implant system. He is married to Prachi for 15yrs and they have a 11 yr old son – Aarjav, a little daughter Aria who has just started prep and Daisy the mad Lab pup! He is currently learning to play Tennis and Badminton and loves watching the cricket!

Prachi (Owner/ Dentist)


Prachi is the director, part time dentist at Oris Dental. Prachi graduated in 2002 from Nair hospital dental college, Mumbai (Bombay, India), one of the leading dental schools in Asia. She then worked in multiple private practices across Mumbai (Bombay, India). While working as a dentist in various practices she picked up the positives from them and implemented them into this practice at Oris Dental. She is very friendly by nature and is particularly good at handling children, preventive dentistry and hygiene. Prachi moved to Australia in 2009. Prachi has there on completed her Australian Dental council exams successfully in early 2011 and is now ready to bring in her 12 years of experience to Oris Dental. Prachi also serves as a part time dentist at the Oral Health Services Sunshine Coast in Caloundra Kawana and Nambour as needed.

Davina (Dentist)


Davina is the latest addition to the Oris dental family. After completing her bachelor’s degree form the University of Queensland, Davina has been in private practice in an around the Sunshine coast for a year. Davina is very highly recommended by her previous employers. Davina shows exemplary skills in building a great relationship and rapport with her patients and is well regarded by her peers. We are happy to have Davina as a part of our practice and hope her friendly personality will shine through to all our patients.

Lise Slack (Dental Hygienist)

Lise Stack

Our dental hygienist Lise Slack is a trained member of the dental team who works together with your dentist in preventing gum diseases and dental decay.

Lise joined OrisDental in 2015 and has worked extensively in private specialist practices. She graduated from the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa in 1982 and has had specific training and exposure to an extensive range of periodontal conditions and treatment modalities.

Lise’s dad was a professor in dentistry and this is where her love of teeth comes from. She has invented two specialist oral care products which are available in Australia and several international countries. Lise has also lectured at international dental conferences on the maintenance of dental implants and how to help patients care for their teeth once they have contracted periodontitis.

Both adults and children can benefit from having an appointment with a dental hygienist as they are taught how dental diseases occur and how it can be prevented or managed.

Lise is married to Sam and they have two daughters. They value their family time and love adventurous outdoor sports.

Jesse (Dental Assistant)

Jesse (Dental Assistant)

Jess has been a part of Oris Dental from the outset in 2011. Always cheerful and welcoming Jess is the star amongst our patients at our practice. If you cannot find Jess in the practice she will be at the beach!

Debra (Receptionist)

Debra (Receptionist)

Debra is the pleasant voice that greets you when you phone the practice. Debra has over 30 years of experience in the dental field and it wont take you long to realize that she absolutely enjoys what she does. Debra is primarily involved in reception duties but is also a certified dental assistant and can seamlessly switch roles when needed. Debra ensures that the workflow of the practice is maintained and ensure that high practice standards our maintained. Debra is playing an active role in us achieving practice accreditation.

Tayla (Dental Assistant)

tayla (Dental Assistant)

Tayla is the latest addition to our practice but comes with a load of experience. Tayla has an endearing personality and absolutely loves talking with patients and meeting new people. Tayla is highly qualified and has a Cert 3 and Cert 4 in Dental assisting in Dental Radiology and is looking forward to welcoming you to our practice.

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