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  • The Amalgam filling debate

    The phrase “mad as a hatter” comes from the past use of mercury in curing felt for hat-making. Hatters exposed to mercury poisoning in their work developed neurological and psychiatric symptoms   Mercury in any form is poisonous. These days, the occupation most likely to be exposed to mercury is dentistry. Not only are dental Read More

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    Dental Phobia

    Dental Phobia • For many of us, the poor old dentist is right up there with spiders and snakes when it comes to the things we fear most. Why are some of us so scared of the dentist’s chair? And what are dentists doing to make that twice-a-year trip a little easier? Dental phobia is Read More

  • Teeth Cleaning Sunshine Coast

    General and Oral Health

    General and Oral Health • Recent research reveals strong links between oral health and general health. Good oral hygiene – controlling bacterial plaque and preventing periodontal or gum disease inflammation and infection – is an essential part of maintaining good overall health. To put it simply, keeping your mouth happy and healthy will help to Read More

  • Periodontal Exams Sunshine Coast

    Periodontal Exams Sunshine Coast

    Periodontal Exams Sunshine Coast Periodontal exams are vital in the maintenance of your oral health as they are used to assess the health of your gums and teeth. They can help your dentist diagnose gum diseases, gingivitis and periodontitis. These exams can also reveal receding gums, exposed roots, tooth grinding and other problems, making periodontal Read More

  • How to Brush your Teeth Sunshine Coast Dentist