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What Is Dental Implants?

Dental implants are usually referred to the teeth that are replaced by artificial means.

The dental implant is usually made of Titanium or Titanium alloy. The dental implant itself can be coated with different coatings that increase the stability and bone integration. There are many types but the most common are screw-like structures that replace the root of the individual teeth. On these dental implants, the crowns or the teeth part can be placed. These dental implants can be placed in a permanent or removable fashion. These include but are not limited to Dental Implant Bridges, Dental Implant Crowns and Dental Implant Dentures.

As an experienced Sunshine Coast dentist, we offer dental implant services based on individual needs & requirements and primarily use the below-mentioned implant systems in our practice. So contact us if you are in need of this service and to know more about the cost of dental implants. Also, for more information on the advantages, stages and risks of dental implant treatment, click here to know all about dental implants.

To offer our clients the best dental implants in Sunshine Coast, we currently use the following premium implant systems in our practice.




Root Form Dental Implants

Root form dental implants are the most popular and affordable dental implants throughout the world. Although they were not the first to be used in North America, the root form dental implants now compose the majority of all dental implant treatments. These types of dental implants are made to resemble the root of a tooth and come in a cylinder shape dental implant, a straight screw shape dental implant or a conical screw shape dental implant.

Root form dental implants & Crowns

This dental implant refers to the root area only. There are 2 basic ways a tooth is attached to the implant in a single tooth type of situation.


A “cemented” method would be where a middle structure is screwed onto the implant with an even smaller screw. The tooth crown or cap is then cemented on the tooth in the same way a normal crown is cemented on a natural tooth. This is the best way to place a tooth on an implant in a single tooth type situation. The advantage is that the crown rarely loosens. The disadvantage is that the cost of the restoration may be more and that if it does loosen then it is more difficult to tighten.

Screw Retained

The second method of securing the crown to the tooth is the “screw retained” method. In this option, the crown is screwed directly to the implant through the crown itself. The access hole is then filled with a filling. The advantage of this type of method is the fact that the crown can be easily removed if needed to be repaired. The disadvantage is that this small screw is put under a lot more pressure than in the previous situation and the screw can become loose more often needing tightening.

Dental implant Surfaces

Mini dental implant type

Dental implants originally had a smooth titanium surface and certain ones still do. Companies have tried to improve the dental implant by making changes to the implant surface. Making the surface rough, increases the total surface area and therefore provides better stability. Adding a layer of Hydroxyapatite apparently makes the bone adhere to it better since bone is made from the same material.

The rough surface can infect more easily when exposed to the mouth so there are implants with areas of both smooth and roughened surfaces. One company actually made an implant with not just a roughened surface but actual microscopic globular areas that increase the surface area tremendously. This would allow the placement of smaller dental implants with greater stability (good for areas of limited bone availability).

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