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It is impossible for the receptionist to give you fees for the dental service you require. It is difficult to generalise and put a fee to the required treatment without an examination by a dentist. This is particularly because the dental fees  change depending on the complexity problem. A common example is that the dental fees for a filling depend on the number of surfaces involved. This is possible to judge only after the dentist has examined the tooth. Similarly an extraction can vary form a simple extraction to a surgical and more complex procedure and the dental fees can be determined only after a physical examination and x-rays of the concerned tooth. As a reputable dentist in Nicklin Way, we understand that it is important for you to have an estimate of costs before you come in for an appointment. We will always give you a quote for your situation before proceeding with any treatment.

Here is a list of common dental procedures and fees

Consultation (30 mins) - $64.00

Check, Clean, Treatment plan- $170.00 (includes X-rays)

Deep cleans with hygienist- $200 (1 hour sessions)

Simple Extraction- $250 (includes X-rays and consultation)

Surgical extractions- Starts $300.00

Simple filling- Starts $150.00

Complex filling- Starts $200.00

Root Canal Treatment- Starts $800.00

Porcelain Crowns- Starts $1200.00

Porcelain Veneers- Starts $1000.00

Dental Implant and crown- Starts $4000.00

If you have a quote for your dental work from your current dentist and want a second opinion or just want to check how we compare, bring it in and we will waive the fee. Yes, the initial consultation is free! Also, do check out these Sunshine Coast Dentist Special Offers, wherein we provide exclusive discounts on specific dental services. Take a look!

We receive numerous calls from people who have been given a quote and try calling a few dentists in the vicinity to get a comparative quote on the same item numbers. While you may save on paying consultation fees for a visit, the fact is that dental offices can only give you a generic quote without a clinical assessment. Period.

We understand that dental terms and item codes are not your forte and can be very confusing. You often end up with an endless list of services and item numbers and a final cost. It often leaves you with plenty of questions..

What do the item codes mean?

– Why is it so expensive?
– What procedures are involved?
– Is the price on the quote fair?
– How urgently do I need it done?
– Do I have any other options?

We have therefore, waived our fee if you need a comparative quote or a second opinion on your existing dental plan.

Terms & Conditions

– Dental assessment essential.
– No consultations without clinical examination.
– Written quote must be presented to the dentist at or emailed prior to the appointment.
– All x-rays, photos, scans (if any) must be brought to the appointment or emailed to us prior to the appointment. A release of record form needs to be signed before we can transfer such records. This form can be emailed/posted to you. Please allow for 3-4 business days for the records to be received.
– Appointment times strictly as per availability.
– First consultation is free. Subsequent consultations may incur a standard fee.
– If you fail to turn up for a scheduled appointment or cancel without 24 hours notice, we reserve the right to charge

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