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Cosmetic Dentistry.

Oris Dental

Travelling Overseas-2017.

Call us today before making a decision. 1300 70 60 90. You Choose!

Our aim is to offer you with high quality, value for money care in a friendly and comfortable environment.

We are located conveniently in Minyama on Nicklin Way servicing the length and breadth of Sunshine Coast.

We Offer-

Australian Standards of dentistry and infection control protocols

Confidentiality and Privacy

Australian Registered Dentists

QIP Accredited Dental Practice Standards

Health fund rebates

Interest free or Deposit free payment plans

Highly trained dentist with 19 years of experience in cosmetic dental procedures

Price matched to currently offered deals by leading dental tour operators to Asia

Treatment follow ups and maintenance to keep you smiling longer

You Avoid-

Group travel

Forced holidays in pain and discomfort

Paying upfront

Hotel accommodation costs (for you and your partner)

Flight costs (for you and your partner)

Travel insurance

Credit card surcharges and travellers cheques and other hidden costs

Time off work

Flying back to complete unfinished work (implants)

Countless emails to overseas dentists through your tour operators about unforeseen problems after returning home

Flying back overseas to address failed treatment

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