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The Rise of dental tourism… and some scary bits!

The rise and rise of dental tourism…and some scary bits

Dental tourism has escalated at an exponential rate in the past few years. Have a great holiday and get cosmetic surgery done at a fraction of the cost back home? How can you resist that thought. Flash your gleaming white smile while sun bathing in the beaches of Phuket? Irresistible.

Dental tourism is a flourishing industry (not to mention very profitable) and without doubt many such tour managers have sprung into action to offer Aussies cheap dental. They are supposedly in it because they want to ‘save’ people from expensive dentistry in Australia. Using testimonials to make you believe that nothing has ever gone wrong and nothing can go wrong! Can it? Many such tour operators are giving people quotes without a clinical examination just on the basis of a Selfie (provided by the client) and an x-ray. The dental treatment plans and quotes are printed on the tour operators own letterheads. We have received numerous quotes from such tour operators. Most times these quotes include procedures that are simply not required. Common examples are quoting root canals in every tooth that are to be crowned without valid reasoning, bone graft procedures in every implant surgery without evidence (CT Scans). Indiscriminate use of services like veneers, crowns, implants, ‘All on 4’ restorations, white fillings, Zoom whitening and Root planning without adequate information to make a judgement. Dental tourism is now slowly on the decline.

Overseas dentists/dental tourism operators claim that the cost of dental services are a fraction of the cost they would pay a local dentist for the same procedures. Unfortunately, most people are naïve and believe they need everything on that plan and then want to compare costs for the exact same plan. They do not realise that there could be several variations and that they may have better or more conservative options. We have helped hundreds of people with such quotes understand the problem and offer all possible solutions with associated costs and then make an informed decision. We have often matched and very often beaten such overseas dental quotes presented to them by such tour operators.

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