Smoking and its effects

It is not breaking news if you were told that smoking is bad for you! It seems surprising that the facts about smoking are out there but smokers tend to ignore the warnings.


Data from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare  show that smoking is prevalent in the Australian population, with
nearly half (49%) being current of former smokers. In people 14 years and over 21% of men and 18% of women smoke daily. It is important to note that 89% take to smoking in their teens.

Smoking and your general health.


Cigarette smoking is a major risk factor for many illnesses such as lung and cardiovascular diseases, poor pregnancy outcomes, and oral diseases including oral cancers and periodontitis
The role of smoking in the pathogenesis of these diseases is believed to be associated with a deficient host immune function,
causing an increased risk of disease and poor wound healing. Smoking also impairs the revascularisation of bone and soft tissues, further impairing healing.

Risks you face as a smoker-

Oral cancer 

You are 4.4 times more likely to be affected by Oral cancer if you are a smoker.

Periodontal disease

You are up to six times more likely to have periodontal disease if you are a smoker. There is also evidence that smokers experience greater tooth loss than non-smokers

Implant failure

Your dental implant is 3 times more likely to fail if you are a smoker.

Healing and response to surgery

Tobacco smokers have a significantly greater incidence of complications after an extraction, for example alveolar osteitis.

Other lesions

Smokers are 6 times more likely to Leukoplakia and other mucosal lesions and oral keratosis

Bad Breath

Smokers breath is can create severe social and personal embarrassment and lead to seclusion.

Dental aesthetics

Stained and discolored teeth can create severe social and personal embarrassment 


Quit smoking

If you are serious about quitting talk to your GP or Dentist today.   On average, at least five or six attempts to quit are made by a smoker before being successful, and all attempts need to be perceived as a learning experience for all involved in the process.

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