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Dental Fees Oris Dental Sunshine Coast

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It is impossible for the receptionist to give you fees for the dental service you require. It is difficult to generalize and put a fee to the required treatment without an examination by a dentist. This is particularly because the dental fees  change depending on the complexity problem. A common example is that the dental fees for a filling depend on the number of surfaces involved. This is possible to judge only after the dentist has examined the tooth. Similarly an extraction can vary form a simple extraction to a surgical and more complex procedure and the dental fees can be determined only after a physical examination and x-rays of the concerned tooth. However we understand that it is important for you to have an estimate of costs before you come in for an appointment.

Here is a list of common dental procedures and fees

Consultation (30 mins) – $60.00

Check, Clean, Treatment plan- $170.00

Simple Extraction- $250 (includes X-rays)

Simple filling- $150.00

If you have a quote for your dental work from your current dentist and want a second opinion or just want to check how we compare, bring it in and we will waive the fee. Yes, the initial consultation is free!

Please call 1300306590/54444308 to claim your free consultation.

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