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Compare Your Quote


Do you still believe that you will spend a fraction of the cost you would pay for dental here in Australia? 

Lets put that to the test. 

If you have a quote for your dental work from a dental tour operator or manager and want to check how we compare or just want a second opinion, bring it in and we will waive the initial consultation fee. It is obligation free and we would like you to get the best possible care, no matter which path you choose. And yes.. we will compare apples to apples, if that’s what the doctor ordered!

T & C’s-

Dental assessment essential. No consultations without clinical examination.

Written quote must be presented to the dentist.

The written quote must have your details and must be dated.

The quote should not be over 3 months old (Foreign exchange rates can affect your quote)

All x-rays, photos, scans and email communications with overseas dental manager must be brought to the appointment or emailed prior to the appointment.

Appointment times strictly as per availability.

First consultation is free. Subsequent consultations may incur a standard fee.

If you fail to turn up for a scheduled appointment or cancel without 24 hours notice, we reserve the right to charge a fee for your next appointment.

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