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After Hours Emergency Dental Services- Dentist Sunshine Coast

After hours emergency dental services– Oris Dental

Oris Dental is proud to be one of the only dental practices on the sunshine coast that provide an after hours emergency helpline.

At Oris Dental we realize that an emergency can happen any time and generally at the worst possible time and there are not many dental offices that provide after hours dental services and helpline.

The after hours emergency services Dentist Sunshine coast at Oris dental has provided many Sunshine coast residents vital help when there was no other assistance in sight. We are not a 24 hour dental practice but the after hour emergency services phone lines are transferred to qualified dentists who can provide you timely advise which could get you out of a spotbefore you are able to make a suitable appointment to meet your dentist.

At Oris Dental the after hours emergency service is a free services unless the dentist has to come in after hours to relieve the problem. Most dental practices have an answering machine which is answered the next business day. You will have the facility to speak to a dentist directly and explain the emergency. Please be aware that emergency treatment is not always possible and this service may offer valuable advise. The advise given will be based on the assessment of the condition based on the phone call and does not constitute treatment. Please call the local hospital if the emergency needs immediate attention.

The common after hours emergency dental services include treatment or advice for the following dental emergencies-

  • Toothache
  • Dental abscess
  • Broken filling
  • Chippid tooth
  • Broken denture
  • Painful ulcers
  • Accidental trauma to teeth including
  1. Broken tooth/teeth
  2. Broken Jaw
  3. Tooth/teeth moved out of position
  4. Tooth/teeth luxation (fallen out)
  5. Bleeding

So if you need a Dentist in Sunshine Coast for after hours emergency dental services then Contact Oris Dental, we are always available for your convenience or to speak to a qualified dentist call on 54444308.

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